Other Game

Reds @ St. Louis – April 28,2008.htm

Red Sox had a rare off day so I watch a National game that was very exciting to watch.

Not the best game…

Angels @ Red Sox – April 23,2008.htm

This seemed to be a fast game but that maybe because I was listening to the game on XM 177!  From what I heard, the Red Sox weren’t in the game from the start – their bats.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.  I want to make a note that during the baseball seanson, my blogs maybe be shorten because of my schedule. I will keep it posted.

Nice team effort for a victory

Angels @ Red Sox – April 22,2008.htm

This was a nice win for Boston as all nine players who played for Boston contributed in the victory of this contest. 

Nice road win!

Red Sox @ Cleveland – April 14,2008.htm

Good way to being a road trip with a come from behind victory and fundamental baseball.  For those of you who watched the game, you watch some baseball that the Red Sox should have been playing years ago!  Congrats to them for a nice victory!

Just a long game…

Yankees @ Red Sox – April 13, 2008.htm

This games was about 4:00 hrs long!  Too long for a baseball game however, it was fun to watch and game between the Red Sox / Yankees.  Though Dice-K needs to keep the pitch count down and must learn to pitch with the scoreboard.  He should be aggressive to the hitters, which he wasn’t.

Here’s the unoffical box score.

Next up…Cleveland!

Red Sox tie New York in Series 1-1

Yankees @ Red Sox – April 12, 2008.htm

Unoffical box score.

Red Sox win opener

Tigers @ Red Sox 040808.htm

I’m not big on Opening Day.  However, this afternoons, events at Fenway Park for a Red Sox fan was emotional.  I’ve uploaded the unoffical box score for this game.

Cold start to 08 season…

Along with my brother and father, we went to a cold McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI to watch the PawSox play a new team called “Lehigh Valley Iron-Pigs”  Don’t ask where the nickname “Iron Pigs” comes from because I have no clue.  What I do know is that the game was a cold one!  It felt like an October game rather then a April game.  The coffee was flowing and the gloves, hats, etc was on me all night long.  Yes, I did manage to score the game and my boxscore is included in this entry.

The Iron Pigs was coming into the game without and win and they left on their charter bus still without a win.  Mike Timlin pitched one inning which surprised me but none-the-less, he pitched one inning with one strikeout.

IronPigs @ Pawsox 040708.csv

PawSox game….

Certainly has been a few since I’ve updated my blog.  I’ve been real busy and not enough time to update my blog.  I did however, attend a PawSox game this evening with my family and had a fun time even though they didn’t come out on it.  Here is the unoffical box score from the game.

Download chiefs_pawsox_aug_202007.htm


Red Sox reliever Hideki Okajima of Japan will be on the ALL Star team.  VOTE for him.  The bitting ends tomorrow at 1700 hrs.

Happy 4th to my friends, family and co-workers.


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